...It's clear to anyone who has seen JonnyK in action, he has a passion for the music he plays. You can't help but be mesmerized when watching JonnyK's wizardry behind the booth...



Apart from talent and natural ability, it takes a special magic to transform a good DJ into a brilliant one. For those who have seen as well as heard JonnyK perform, it's obvious that the young Irish lad is a musical wizard. Whether at clubs or events, audiences are left spellbound by the sound of his unique blends that resonate with warmth and vibrancy. Judging by his impressive fan club, the JonnyK experience has rapidly become a sweet addiction.

Born in a country steeped in folk lore, it is perhaps little wonder that Jonny Kane displays a skill bordering on legendary. But to be the best in the business requires more than passion. It requires a lot of practice and sheer hard work. Over the years, Jonny has honed his trade and enthralled listeners across the continent and UK. While limitation of space prevents a comprehensive listing, suffice to say that in recent times, he has counted names like Gary Spence, radio drive time DJ for Capital FM among his colleagues.

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